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Sherwani: An Ultimate Guide to Style Traditional Outfits for Men

Classic Indian wear has been picking up momentum, not just in India, but across the globe as well. From a classic Kurta-pajama to sherwani for men, many models have worn the same and have walked down the ramp for many a fashion shows, all across the globe. With Indian fashion gaining more recognition across the globe, many a fashion designer have realized the versatility and classiness of the classic Indian outfit. With traditional Indian wear, the go-to option for weddings, parties and other formal or informal events, finding the right type of outfit isn’t all that difficult anymore and buyers are left with a lot of choices to choose from.

A global trend of Sherwani:

International celebrities from Oprah,
Serena Williams, the late Princess Diana and others among the women have picked
Indian wear for various events. Male celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher,
renowned rapper Snoop Dogg, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant to Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. have worn sherwanis or kurtas for
various red-carpet events. As Indian wear spreads in terms of popularity across
the globe, westerners have taken a liking to the design, shape, fit and comfort
and are making a style statement with the same.

designers connecting to the Globe:

As Indian fashion designers get popular all over the globe, they are able to take their work to the global audience and Traditional Indian wear is getting popular by the day. Gone are the days where westerners would have a stereotypical idea of Indian clothes. As Indian fashion designers are gaining popularity by the day, their work getting the recognition it deserves, women’s dresses such as sari, salwar and while Kurta and Sherwani for men are gaining popularity on a daily basis.


Traditional Indian wear alone is sufficient to brighten up your wardrobe and introduce a sense of class and elegance, but introducing a modern touch will only elevate your look and style quotient. Parring up your Kurta with jeans or a pair your sherwani with a sleeveless coat and a pocket-handkerchief will elevate your look to another level. Knowing which colours match and complement each other will make you stand out of the crowd. Mixing dark colours with light ones, especially ones that complement each other. Understanding that specific colours are for specific occasions and will ensure that you always wear the right colour and the right outfit based on the nature of the event.

Accessories to add to your look:

Finding the right
accessories will help you add another element to your look. Accessories such as
cuff-links, sunglasses, an earring, a bracelet, a classy watch rings and other
accessories that will help you stand out among the rest. A good pair of shoes
or Kolhapur chappals, Mojari, Paduka and Jutti will add to the classy effect
and will elevate your look to a different level. Finding the right sort of
accessories that compliment your look, your personality and one that is a
perfect blend between modernity and classiness and one that will help bridge
the same effortlessly, can speak volumes of your style and will help you carry
the look elegantly.

Before Style:

If one has to choose between comfort or style, then comfort should win, hands down, every day. Finding the right fit and the right length will help you to move around comfortably, without obstructing your movements and mobility. An ill-fitted kurta or sherwani for men, becomes more than evident, especially when the one wearing it constantly struggles to move, bend and is seen adjusting the same every few minutes. Finding the right size, the right cut, the right length and the right fit and finish will help you not to just feel comfortable, but will also help you carry the look effortlessly, and your comfort levels will reflect on your movement and will show that you follow a comfortable and stylish trend.

Sherwani is An outfit for every

Be it a wedding, a party, an engagement, a festival, a formal or informal dinner, classic Indian wear, such as Kurta and sherwani for men can make you stand apart from the rest. As people see your impeccable taste in fashion and style, and no matter what the function or event, you will be the talk of the town.

Sherwani’s Designs and patterns:

Picking the right designs and style is important, however, it comes down to
an individual’s taste. Picking a sherwani for men with gold work, silver
designs, mirror work, embroidery, button work and other patterns should be considered
while designing and finalizing a sherwani. Finding the right design and
patterns for your sherwani, will give it a royal look and will make you feel
like a King.

Consulting an expert:

Consulting a fashion expert, a designer or a renowned brand, will give you an idea of what are the current trends are, and will give you an understanding of what colors are in vogue, what patterns, what designs and fits are followed by celebrities. Finding what suits your liking, and your personality and what will make you the talk of the function and party will enable you to elevate your look to an all-new level.

Understanding what is in vogue
and what suits your liking, what speaks and appeals to your fashion sense, your
personality and style and finding the appropriate traditional Indian wear, will
ensure that no matter what the occasion, you are always prepared.

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