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India really performing better against corona attack ?

Now a days we all know that COVID-19 corona take a tour of worlds 190+ country’s. Corona started from China’s whuan. All big economical countries hands up against Corona. Italy have unforgettable memory’s about corona’s attack. Americans have lots of fear about corona. All mejor country’s who has latest and greatest facilities of medicine, but no one’s win in fight against corona.

Now a day everyone says india fight well against corona’s attack. Lets we discuss why india perform well against corona’s attack and really this is truth ?

India’s government takes quick actions in starting periods of covid-19 attack. All mejor country’s never try to lockdown country’s quickest but they all also thinks about economic growth rate. Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi takes quick dicision about lockdown. After taking lockdown decision peoples of india never show rude behavior but they’ll probably support their governments decision. In other countries we dont try to think easily that whole people’s of any country extremely support their government as indians.

We all know that any government or countries well performance depend on people’s support. America never take quick lockdown in starting period so therefore after some weeks many cases where found in the country. But after now government of America perform batter in fight against covid-19 attacks.

In all world many countries have largest number of corona cases. In india the numbers of corona cases 21000+ but its not bigger number of cases in front of other countries. Because India’s population is about 140 crores. After seeing on other countries numbers of corona cases where very high. So we will say that india really preforming well against corona’s attack in present situation. We gave best of luck to India’s government and people’s of India for never say give up and keep fighting against corona.

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